The Pittsburgh Promise received $1.3 million in funding to provide financial assistance to current Promise Scholars and current seniors (Class of 2020) in Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) and eligible charters who have unmet needs due to their education being disrupted by the coronavirus.

While all students are experiencing challenges due to school closures, this fund has been established to help students with significant needs in the following cohorts: current PPS high school seniors (Class of 2020) and post-secondary students who are currently enrolled (Spring 2020 semester) on a Promise Scholarship. The fund will be used to help students with the following post-secondary expenses and needs resulting from the virus’ impact on our community, economy, and schools:

  • Completing applications for admission, financial aid, and residence life
  • Room deposits and essential dorm needs
  • Funding Co-pays for mental health services
  • Bridge scholarships for those whose parents lost jobs due to the virus and who remain ineligible for Pell or PHEAA funding which is based on the prior year’s income
  • Food resources for those experiencing food insecurity

In addition to financial support, The Promise will give students in the Class of 2020 a fifth year of eligibility for the scholarship in case they are not ready to begin their post-secondary education this fall. Our team is also prepared to provide one-on-one support for students who are in the midst of finalizing post-secondary plans or navigating the process of continuing their post-secondary education.

The Promise will use the application process below to identify students who have the greatest need at this time. Please fill out the application at the links below and we will follow up by phone or email as soon as possible:



Three youth development professionals will help us manage this relief effort:

John Lozecki

Email John@pittsburghpromise.org or call 412-701-7052.

Rick Mason

Email Rick@pittsburghpromise.org or call 412-701-7086.

Natasha Thrasher

Email Natasha@pittsburghpromise.org or call 412-701-7066.

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