Promise Legacy is the Alumni group of The Pittsburgh Promise. Promise Legacy is led by individuals who have used a Pittsburgh Promise Scholarship, Promise Alumni, and exists to maintain relationships with Pittsburgh Promise scholars, alumni and families to provide opportunities for mentorship, scholarship, and networking.


The Legacy team strives to fulfill our purpose by completing the following goals:

  • Promoting the Promise Legacy through a mini campaign
  • Proving programming opportunities to enhance the “fun factor” of the Legacy group
  • Enhancing mentoring program and opportunities
  • Raising money for Pittsburgh Promise Scholarships
  • Enhancing and promoting diversity and inclusion among participants

Stay up to date with Promise Legacy by joining their Linkedin group and  Facebook group.



Thank you to our Promise Legacy founders

  • Afiya Bey
  • Julia Cahill
  • Janay Coleman
  • Joshua Devine
  • Shawna Falcione
  • Jasmine Morris
  • Daniel Peters
  • Rounida Shwaish
  • Vanessa Thompson
  • Sha-Phawn Williams

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Get Involved

Promise Legacy members give $50 per year in membership dues. The Pittsburgh Promise aims to fund Promise Legacy activities privately so dues may be applied directly to The Promise’s scholarship fund. If you’d prefer to join now by making a recurring donation of $5 per month, please email Alumni@pittsburghpromise.org.


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