Pittsburgh Public Schools Juniors and Seniors are Invited to get a “Head Start” on Their Post-secondary Plans

The Pittsburgh Promise is providing the funding to pay for college-level courses at Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) for juniors and seniors at Pittsburgh Public Schools, giving participating students the opportunity to earn college credits before graduating from high school.

The Pittsburgh Promise funds Dual Enrollment courses by providing early access to Promise scholarship funds that may await eligible students upon graduation. Funds used by the students while in high school will be deducted from their maximum Promise scholarship, if they are eligible upon graduation. Funding of courses by The Promise during high school does not imply or guarantee scholarship eligibility at graduation.

A chief benefit is the cost savings—for many students, taking courses at community college while in high school at an affordable rate will likely reduce the credits they must fulfill once they reach their school of choice after high school and the corresponding time for completion as well as overall cost of their post-secondary education.

Students who participate in Dual Enrollment programs are more likely to go on to post-secondary schools and more likely to attain a degree. It gives students a preview of what they can expect of coursework and performance expectations at a collegiate level, helping to prepare them for post-secondary when the time comes.

Dual Enrollment also allows exploration of subjects before reaching post-secondary, potentially helping students to make earlier decisions about their program of study once they reach post-secondary school.

Dual Enrollment credits may enhance a student’s post-secondary applications and admissions outcomes as they apply to their post-secondary schools of choice.

While there are many reasons to consider Dual Enrollment, it’s important to remember that these are real college courses and they will remain permanently on your transcripts.

If you aren’t sure that you are ready for more rigorous academic demands, it may be worth foregoing this opportunity until you feel confident that you can perform at the level required for college coursework.

It’s also important to evaluate whether the demands of more rigorous coursework fits with your current schedule if you are heavily involved in extracurriculars, or working a part-time job, or have other significant schedule commitments like vacations to take into consideration.

Ultimately, students and families should discuss Dual Enrollment options and how they align with post-secondary plans with their high school guidance counselor before making any decisions about whether it is right for them.

Read Frequently Asked Questions about Dual Enrollment and review the available course listings here. 

If you have additional questions about how your future scholarship funds may be impacted by taking advantage of Dual Enrollment, please email DualEnrollment@pittsburghpromise.org.