To build on The Promise’s strengths and deepen its impact, we launched a Promise Coaching Initiative to work in partnership with PPS staff and community stakeholders, and focus intentionally on providing personal career exploration, mental strengthening, and appropriate interventions to every high school student starting in the 9th grade. This work is being piloted inside three high schools: Carrick, Milliones (Uprep), and Perry.  Promise Coaches will help students:

  1. Identify their skills and interests
  2. Know their available financial & psychosocial resources
  3. Understand their educational and career options
  4. Navigate the marketplace and its opportunities
  5. Build essential soft skills

Promise Coaches are available to every 9th through 12th-grade students in the high schools they serve. Their goal is that by the time a student graduates, they not only have a post-secondary plan— they have the plan that is right for them!

Our coaches are excited to connect with students virtually (for now) and eventually in their school buildings. Students who attend Carrick, Perry, and UPrep are encouraged to reach out to their coaches and keep up to date with the calendar of events at their school!

Carrick Calendar 

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