The Preferred College Partners Program strengthens the relationship between The Pittsburgh Promise and certain post-secondary institutions that provide additional financial aid and robust support services for Promise Scholars.

Preferred College Partners will provide grants for room and board to Promise-eligible students who are accepted to the institution, beginning with the Class of 2018. The schools will also provide targeted transition and academic support services to ensure student retention and success.

Next Steps for Future Promise Scholars

  1. Be certain to consider Preferred College Partner schools when beginning your post-secondary school search.
  2. Visit the schools and ask about financial aid and support services for Promise Scholars
  3. Apply to all schools of your choice.
  4. Complete the FAFSA and PA State Grant Form (PHEAA) as early as possible (Oct.1) and no later than May 1.
  5. Once accepted to a Preferred College Partner school, reach out to the school’s financial aid office to learn more about your individual financial aid package. Financial aid packages will vary by school and by student.

Download the Preferred College Partners fact sheet.

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