About Advancing Educators of Color (AEC)

The AEC program will provide a full-ride scholarship on top of the Promise Scholarship to eligible Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) students who pursue education and jobs within PPS after graduation. Students chosen for the scholarship will be deemed Demchak Scholars of The Pittsburgh Promise.

The AEC program will provide an additional final-dollar college scholarship, after Promise Scholarship dollars are applied,  for selected students who will train to be educators, pursue their teaching certificate, and aspire to teach in the Pittsburgh Public Schools for at least 5 years following graduation. These students will graduate from college debt-free.

AEC Scholars will be required to attend a summer program at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Education before enrolling in their freshman year of college, and they are encouraged to attend in the summer before their 12th-grade year, to prepare themselves for their exciting journey toward becoming educators. The summer program provides a generous stipend for students. AEC Scholars will also be required to participate in professional development programming through The Pittsburgh Promise.


Black Educators are Critically Needed

It is well-documented that the presence of Black teachers in the education of Black students has transformative impacts on students’ vision for their futures as well as academic outcomes. These include higher educational attainment, lower dropout rates, and reduced disciplinary actions. Unfortunately, many students move through their K-12 education without being taught by a Black educator. This scholarship, in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh educators’ academy and Pittsburgh Public Schools, will eliminate financial burdens and provide mentorship, networking, and professional development to students that are dedicated to the profession of education. Students of color are especially encouraged to apply.


Apply Now!

The application closes on March 21st, 2024.

To apply: Advancing Educators of Color Application 2023-24.

Email with questions: janay@pittsburghpromise.org

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