Business leaders know better than most the value of having a well-trained and diverse workforce in our community, and the value of doing business in a growing place where people thrive. Our deepest thanks to our corporate donors who know that one of the best decisions that they can make to plan for a brighter future is to invest in it!

Corporate benefit packages and employee engagement opportunities are available. Please contact Marsha@pittsburghpromise.org for more details, 412.745.2216.

Jeffrey Romoff

UPMC$100 million

“There is nothing more important than the education of our children. Thus, it was not a challenge for UPMC to consider investing $100 million in The Pittsburgh Promise. It was not something that we considered to be foreign to our mission. Indeed, it was something we considered to be essential to our mission.”

Highmark$5.1 Million

“It is imperative to the future of our region that we work collaboratively to educate students and retain them to support the continued expansion of our diverse economy, which is generating career opportunities for students with post-high school training or a college degree. The Pittsburgh Promise is a great example of how we can work together as a community to capitalize on these opportunities, and Highmark Health is proud to be a supporter of this groundbreaking program as we are very focused on educating the next generation health care workforce.”

PNC$3.8 million

“One of the greatest challenges our region will face in the years ahead will be the growing gap between the number of good jobs available here and the availability of workers with the education and skills to fill them. The Pittsburgh Promise is playing a critical role in the effort to find solutions that close that gap as it builds bridges between employers, educators, and students. The Promise helps businesses appreciate the challenges of educators, helps educators understand the demands of the marketplace, and opens a pathway to success for students who imagine a bright future in Pittsburgh.”

BNY Mellon$2.6 Million

“At BNY Mellon, being invested in the world means using our expertise, skills, and resources to help bring positive change in society and for the environment. Our investment in The Pittsburgh Promise is making a positive change in our community. The Promise also provides our company and our region a distinct, competitive advantage by fueling the talented and diverse workforce we need to create a future that benefits everyone.”

American Eagle Outfitters$2.1 million

“American Eagle Outfitters empowers young people to reach their full potential and express their most authentic version of themselves. We are proud to support The Pittsburgh Promise, which has been effective in promoting academic success and encouraging students in the Pittsburgh community to dream big and work hard toward their highest aspirations.”

Giant Eagle$1 million

“Giant Eagle invests in The Pittsburgh Promise because we know that it’s an investment in the vitality of our region. By providing college scholarships to Pittsburgh’s students, The Promise is strengthening our incoming workforce and our communities.”

Highmark Wholecare funded by Gateway Health$1 Million

“As a community-based, mission-driven health care company, Gateway Health believes strongly in equity and the power of diversity. We are committed to developing a more equitable, healthy, and diverse workforce for our region. That’s why we support The Pittsburgh Promise and its unique ability to transform lives through improved access to higher education. The investment that we, as a business community, make today in the leaders of tomorrow will pay great dividends in the years ahead for us and future generations. We are thankful for the opportunity The Promise provides us to make a vital difference in Pittsburgh and beyond.”

Howmet Aerospace$1 million

“As a company that relies on the technical expertise of our employees to deliver the mission-critical performance our customers demand, Howmet Aerospace knows the jobs of today require advanced training. This is why we are partnering with The Pittsburgh Promise through the Howmet Aerospace Foundation. We are giving students greater access to STEM education, which in turn gives them more opportunity to pursue the high-tech jobs of the future while strengthening our region’s technical workforce.”

Todd Moules

KeyBank$1 million

“The Pittsburgh Promise is truly only fulfilled by the students who commit to succeed—in high school, in post-secondary education or training, and in life. Today’s Promise Scholars and Promise-ready students are well-positioned for success. If ever there is an opportune time for students to prepare for a career in Pittsburgh, it is now. Together, our collective community is working hard to meet the needs of our growing workforce, to develop the region’s many emerging business opportunities, and to help our communities thrive. All of us at KeyBank share in this mission for student success.”

McGuinn Family Foundation$1 million

“We believe The Pittsburgh Promise is the most important thing going on in our community because it has the broadest impact: it encourages families to live in the city, incents kids to stay in school and enables them to get a post-secondary education, and helps prepare skilled workers for our employers.”

Mylan$1 million

“At Mylan, our core purpose has been to provide access to high quality medicine for more than 55 years. We are proud to support The Pittsburgh Promise as a strong partner in the passionate pursuit of access—in particular, through access to education for young people in our region. We believe that the opportunity to build a strong foundation through scholarships to universities has the power not only to change a young person’s life but also to propel our region forward, and we are excited to be part of the growth.”

PPG$1 Million

“At PPG, we believe education is a powerful way to catalyze positive impacts in our communities and enable possibilities and progress through learning, curiosity and discovery. We invest in the Pittsburgh Promise and support its mission because we know first-hand the importance of education in creating a diverse, skilled STEM workforce and a strong, sustainable Pittsburgh community. Like PPG, the Pittsburgh Promise prioritizes equity and inclusivity to expand opportunities for students to explore new horizons in science-related fields that will shape our region for generations to come.”

Thermo Fisher Scientific$1 million

“Albert Einstein said, ‘It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.’ Once that passion has been discovered, there should be no barriers, real or imagined, that hold us back. The Pittsburgh Promise is freeing the hearts and minds of our best and brightest students to dream big and be unencumbered in their pursuits. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers, in particular, are in growing demand as Pittsburgh becomes one of the country’s premier high-tech centers. The Pittsburgh Promise is helping to prepare the next generation of our workforce for these rewarding and highly-skilled opportunities. This is not just an investment in our youth; it is an investment in our region’s future.”

Thank You to Our Donors

We are exceptionally grateful to our supporters and fundraising volunteers for the remarkable investments they have made to support our mission.  See a complete list of supporters in our most recent annual report.

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