Naviance Helps Students Track Post-Secondary Success.

Pittsburgh Public Schools envisions that all students will graduate high school college, career, and life-ready, prepared to complete a two- or four-year college degree or workforce certification. With the official adoption of Naviance in 2017, the District is moving in the right direction to support that vision.

Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness tool that helps schools align student strengths and interests to post-secondary goals, improving student outcomes and connecting learning to life.

Through Naviance, students in grades 6-12 can take advantage of four key benefits:

  • CREATION OF A PERSONALIZED PLAN: Every student is unique, and every student has different options for college and career. Naviance helps students devise a plan that suits their individual needs.
  • CAREER EXPLORATION: When students start exploring career possibilities early, they become more interested in succeeding in school. They also become more aware of a world of job opportunities waiting for them.
  • ACADEMIC PLANNING: Through Naviance, students, families, and counselors can work together to choose appropriate academic coursework that aligns with career goals.
  • SELF-DISCOVERY: Students become more confident in their abilities as they recognize their strengths and match their interests with potential careers. If their interests change, Naviance is there to redirect their efforts and help them find a new path to success.

This easy-to-use tool helps students track important information, including their potential eligibility for The Pittsburgh Promise.

“We want to introduce these options at an early age. Pittsburgh Public Schools is ahead of the game by introducing it this early,” said Monika Pugh, Director of Student Support Services (Guidance).

Managed by counselors and social workers, Naviance looks different at every school. Some schools are rolling out the program in Social Studies, English or Intervention classes. Overall, every student in grades 6-12 uses Naviance to prepare for life after high school.

Domenique Ross is a senior at Pittsburgh CAPA studying dance, and she has many colleges and universities to choose from upon graduation, including Howard University, University of the Arts, Hampton University, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She says Naviance made the application and decision process easier.

“Instead of sending my transcripts through the mail, my guidance counselor just did it through Naviance. Colleges were able to receive my information faster,” said Ross.

Students can access Naviance Student through a mobile app that is available on their smart phones or tablets, allowing students to take Naviance with them, no matter where they are.

At the beginning of the 2019-20 school year, parents will have access to each student’s profile. This access will help parents weigh in and/or guide their student regarding post-secondary education. In Spring 2019, Naviance will expand to students in grades 3-5.

For more information about Naviance, visit the District website: