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Promise Alumni Raise $20,000 to Provide a Promise Scholarship to One Student

PITTSBURGH, September 24, 2019 – A group of Pittsburgh Promise alumni raised $20,000 through an alumni-led network called Promise Legacy to send one student to college on a Promise scholarship.

Promise Legacy, founded in 2017, is run by Promise alumni to serve as a network for graduates who received a Promise scholarship. Promise Legacy members participate in social and professionally-oriented events and utilize their network to connect with each other, employers, and the region.

Abby Lutton, Executive Administrator at the Allegheny County Controller’s Office and current president of Promise Legacy launched the fundraising initiative to raise $20,000 in March of 2019. The group held grassroots fundraisers at Wigle Whiskey, Choolah BBQ and Hot Dog Yoga. They also participated in direct outreach to donors through emails, letters, and phone calls.

Ms. Lutton commented, “Being able to pay forward a scholarship to another student is amazing—we know how much the scholarship has affected our own lives. We know what it is like to be the high school junior who is not sure how to pay for their dream school, or the student who wants to be the first in their family to earn a degree, or the student who needs someone to believe in them. The Promise believed in us and invested in our success. Now we can show our appreciation and express that same confidence in the next generation of scholars who will go on to do great things.”

Saleem Ghubril, Executive Director of The Pittsburgh Promise, commented, “The Promise has funded scholarships for over 10 years. During that time, we have had the joy of seeing our students become graduates and our graduates become respected professionals and leaders in our region. We are blown away by the generosity and hard work of our Promise Legacy members. This is so heartening and good for the soul.”

About The Pittsburgh Promise

The Pittsburgh Promise promotes high educational aspirations among urban youth, funds scholarships for post-secondary access, and fuels a prepared and diverse regional workforce. To date, The Promise has invested more than $134 million in scholarships to send more than 8,800 urban youth to a post-secondary institution. Over 3,200 Promise Scholars have graduated, and many are now working, and giving back, in the Pittsburgh region. Pittsburgh has the largest Promise program in the United States. For more information on Promise Legacy, click here.

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