Jerome attended Rosedale Tech and now he’s living the dream.

As high school graduation approached at Pittsburgh Allderdice, I felt pressured to consider a four-year institution.

I considered going to school for nursing, mainly because it was something that my mom encouraged me to do and she always has my back. But after I spent some time researching careers in nursing, I quickly realized it wasn’t for me.

I always loved cars and trucks and I wondered if this passion could turn into a career. I started going to career fairs and I had a close friend who attended Rosedale Technical College, so I reached out to him for input. After I learned about the various career fields at the school, I decided to go take a tour of the campus. It felt like a perfect fit.

After I graduated from high school and enrolled at Rosedale Tech, I dove right into the automotive technology program and it became clear that I made the right decision.

I excelled in the coursework and enjoyed learning so much that following completion of the automotive program, I enrolled in the diesel technology program.

After graduating with two associate degrees, I immediately secured a job as a diesel technician at Frank Bryan, part of Bryan Materials Group. They are a family-run business and the laidback atmosphere matches my personality. My team services about 50 vehicles, which include cement trucks, triaxles, and occasionally some company pick-up trucks, so I have the opportunity to do the hands-on technical work that I love.

Thanks to Rosedale Tech and The Promise scholarship, today I’m practicing my skills and earning a living without worrying about repaying loans. I have an amazing job and a truck I love, I just bought a house, and my wife and I are going to have a baby this spring.

Based on my experience, I encourage Pittsburgh students to consider trade schools alongside four-year schools and do what you think is right for you.

Trade school was the right choice for me and I think it is a great option for a lot of people that is often overlooked. There are awesome programs out there and a ton of jobs in the trades, so it’s possible to get a decent job right out of school.